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Robin the fog mixtape

Hello you. It’s that time of year once again where I present yet another highly opinionated and inordinately lengthly end of year mixtape, remark about what a fantastic year this has been for music and absolutely nothing else, then close by wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas. I don’t see any reason to divert from this tradition, particularly now that we’re all trapped in a dystopian Tory hellscape for all eternity, so I’ve crammed my festive mix to the brim with the usual consolatory bangers – over three and a half hours of them!
Sarah Angliss – Needle
Vanishing Twin – Invisible World
Polypores – Mycelia
Graham Dunning – Build My Gallows High
Dalham – Infinite Key
Gum Takes Tooth – Fights Psychology
Loula Yorke – LDOLS
Paranoid London – Cult Hero
Correlations – Deep on the Inside
Pulselovers – Woodford Hales To Fenny Compton In Five Minutes
Loula Yorke – Untitled #005
Sculpture – Untitled Locked Groove (From Projected Music)
Drew Mulholland – Worklode
Franziska Lantz – Ooosh!
Sculpture – Untitled Locked Groove (From Projected Music)
Dunnning & Underwood – Demon
Franziska Lantz – Give Air
Daniel Williams – You Can Do Almost Anything You Want With Them
Michael Donnelly – Thick Skull
Zeno Van Den Broek – Breach 2
Drew Mulholland – Return To The Desolate Shore
Tears I Ov – All Else Is Bondage (For A)
Simon Scott – Mae
Pulselovers – Badby ’80
Polypores – The Blusher
The Home Current – Tin Foil Express
Keith Seatman – Along The Valley Sidings
Vanishing Twin – Magician’s Success
Gaijin Blues – Grief, The Aftermath And A Faint Hope
Ekoplekz – K-Punk
The Heartwood Institute – Devil’s Riders
Central Office Of Information – Pools Of Witchlight
Dalham – NGC 493
Jonathan Sharp – Carlisle To Euston, 1974
Laura Agnusdei – Golden Kites
Drew Mulholland – She Remembers
Hainbach – Gestures 3
Grey Frequency – Elegy For Ginger Tom
Field Lines Cartographer – Ghosts In The Wires
Sculpture / Maria Chavez – Projected Reworks: Berceuse5
Rapoon – The Village
Richard Sanderson – Pequod
Iain Chambers – The Eccentric Press (Extract)
Sculpture / Mariam Rezaei – Projected Reworks: Improvisation I
Sarah Angliss – Egg
Paco Rossique – Next Symbol
Drew Mulholland – Irregular Pattern
The Utopia Strong – Brainsurgeons 3
Fennesz – We Trigger The Sun
Mark Peters – The Box Of Delights (MAPS Remix)
Hainbach – A Soft Adieu

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¿Libros-Objeto, Objetos-Libro? (III)

Mi participación: “Poema casual nº 5”

Objeto (lápiz), mixta/cartón, dentro de una caja.
16 x 11 x 2,5 cm (caja)

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Intercambiables 07 (II)


Algunas imágenes de la inauguración de Intercambiables 07 en el Museo Zapadores.

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The visit of the stranger en The Sound Projector

Music magazine & radio show

Isolated Choreography

Here be new tape from Paco Rossique, that lyrical sound artist who is also a painter and seems to feel his way through sound and composition like so much acrylic paint and colour. This Spanish fellow made Collages & Dispersions for this same label which we noted in 2015. He continues to assemble his elements, field recordings and found sounds with the same intuitive skills. I like all the disparate parts, including birdsong and countryside recordings and frequent use of distant echoing piano, but am largely finding The Visit Of The Stranger (LINEAR OBSESSIONAL RECORDINGS LOR118) a bit formulaic. Rossique seems to follow much the same template for each experiment, and we’re left in the same inconclusive state of mind as when we started. On the other hand, it’s clear he’s intent on conjuring a mood of continual ambiguity, and the mind’s propensity for linear logic is constantly diverted by his subtle stratagems, so “inconclusive” is a good result. I especially like the French-speaking voice that surfaces at the start of Side B. It’s like hearing a dream of Picasso from the 1930s, if it were only possible to capture such evanescence. If anyone could perform that strain of time-travelling miracle, Paco Rossique is the man who stands the best chance. From 15th April 2019.

 Ed Pinsent

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In Memory Of John Peel Show:

Stones at Niigata en "In Memory Of John Peel Show": 2019 10 05

martes, 1 de octubre de 2019

A duck in a Tree

The 377th of a series of weekly radio programmes created by :zoviet*france:
First broadcast 28 September 2019 by Resonance 104.4 FMResonance Extra and CJMP 90.1 FM
Thanks to the artists included here for their fine work.
track list
… :zoviet*france: - A Duck in a Tree Link 377
00 Deison - Intro
01 Apocalyptic Frequency Experience - A Horror of Empty Space Part 3
02 Chorus conducted by August Manns - Handel Festival: "Israel In Egypt" - Excerpt
03 Hollow Press - Numb
04 Ben Ponton - A Tufted Duck Diving, Alexandra Park, Whalley Range, 21 January 2019
05 Paco Rossique - Discussion in the Mirror
06 Andrea Valle - Sopra l’archibugiar in valle – V-tra i soffi
07 Gintas K - Niekovv
08 Artificial Memory Trace - [untitled – 'Airbell 18' track 5]
09 AdeMuRu - Le piano abandonné
10 PBK - [untitled –  'Appeal' track 5]
11 Chris Weeks - Rain Delay
12 Michael Begg | Human Greed - Therobo
13 The Sunken Hum - The Sunken Hum Broadcast 49 – Windchimes and Wind and Tractors and Dogs in the Distance – 18 February 2013
14 Darwin Raymond - Night
15 Seán Collum - Guitar (A Room, an Open Window) 3
++ Deison - Outro
… :zoviet*france: - A Duck in a Tree Link 377

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Cajas para un sueño

"La Humanidad es un virus". 2019
Técnica mixta y objetos en caja de madera. 

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"Dos es multitud"

Vídeo resumen de la Acción sonora de Lindel Apivor y Yeray Navarro, 'Dos es Multitud', que tuvo lugar el 18 de Julio de 2019, dentro del ciclo "CAAMSonora" en el Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

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viernes, 26 de julio de 2019

Review de "The visit of the Strager" por Laurent Fairon

In this part-Surrealist, part-hypnagogic album, Paco Rossique uses post-production techniques to great effect to transfigure the sounds of piano, piano strings and other acoustic sources. The album follows an arch form, from regular contemporary music on MIDI piano and minimal background noises, to inside-the-piano strings with extraneous noises, to musique concrète efforts with synthesizer, found sounds, found percussion, metal objects, etc. The spirit of Spanish film director José Val del Omar lurks over this superb album.
Laurent Fairon

Paco Rossique – The Visit of the Stranger (Linear Obsessional)

viernes, 19 de julio de 2019

Dos es multitud. Lyndel Apivor, Yeray Navarro.

Imágenes de la última edición del ciclo 'CAAMsonora' de 2019 celebrada ayer con Lyndel Apivor y Yeray Navarro, que presentaron la Acción sonora 'Dos es multitud'.
A partir del próximo martes 23 de julio, permanecerá abierta en el #CAAM una instalación sonora interactiva relacionada con esta acción sonora.

Fotos Nacho González